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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fuck the world Love

Someone told me that the Devil could also be sweet. But that doesnt mean hes a angel inside. And you know what? Its really True.
Around 220 days ago I met this person whom i thought was the angel sent from heaven for me. I fell into his majic in weeks spellbounded to the love he claimed for me. I was enchanted. Spelled. And in our majic carpet of 'love' we flew all around the world showing everyone that we were the perfect, cutest couple that existed. But hell no it changed within a few months. His new lover became anger and I didnt have a fucking clue what was going wrong in the perfect bonding between us. The days and months passed with quarrels crying ending up in hospital, me being labelled as a suicidal maniac end up hurting myself in many ways. I kept repeatedly told by people that he was using me but I just couldn't bring myself to believe them. I was too much in love. Lost in him. Until the clear cut proof was layed before my eyes.
He was not only using me but using others as well. And the angel whom i loved is still fooling everyone with his devils sweet talks though I stand here Lost to this world.. Day after day cryng.. Hurting.. No eating.. No sleeping.. Just LOST to this goddamn earth.
I really love him a lot but fuck the word LOVE. I've been taught this lesson the hardway.

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Back to bloggin again!...
Here I comE!!!!!

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